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2021 New Era EP, Kaligo Records Change Point, Her Dark.

2020 Origins EP, Complexed Records Toxic, Rapidgator, Boris.

2019 Exposure EP, Complexed Records Exposure, The Physical, Detuned, Body Soul.

2018 Come From Inside EP, Blurry Records Come From Inside, Deep.

2017 Solaris EP, Native Wolf Records Earth, Solar.

2017 Worlds EP, Vintage Music Label Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter.



2021 Push Me, The Hidden Fox.

2019 Tc 3, Minitech Recordings

2018 Come To The Dance Floor, Egothermia 

2017 Confused Mind, Vintage Music Label 

2017 Acid Arp, Austro Music

2017 Eternity, Vintage Music Label


2020 Nftr, Arkade – NFTR

2017 Music, Natema, Out_Ctrl - Vintage Music Label

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